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Sam here, Aunt Betty’s Grandson(funny isn’t it? hahhahaha). I work in Traffic Control and thought it’d be good to post a couple reason why it’s ALWAYS important to pay attention when you are driving and going thru a contruction zone! NO ONE ever understands why they are important, necessary and why they should ALWAYS be taken seriously.


Why are traffic control and management required at construction sites?

Construction workers need space that is not intervened or disturbed by cars or people. It is one of the key concerns for any major construction site whether it’s for buildings, bridges or infrastructures. Drivers, pedestrians, children, and workers should be safe. In order to maintain their protection and safeguard the workers, proper traffic solution and management should be utilized. This will prevent the project from getting delayed, prevent accidents and injuries. Take a look at the points below to know why traffic management is an integral part of any construction project.

  • Traffic Control at construction sites reduces the risk of accidents 

The intersection of pedestrians and vehicles in a construction site, entry points, exit points, walkways, and road crossings are the risky areas which are prone to accidents. These areas should be covered with traffic control signals and signs, messages, arrow boards and traffic cones. Whether cars need to be redirected to another direction or pedestrians should not trespass the work zone, appropriate use of signage should be made.

People should know where they can walk and where they cannot. In order to relay this information, warning signs must be put up. If cars need to slow down their pace, a speed regulatory sign should be stood up at the required location. If the construction site should

  • Traffic Management at Construction sites keep the workers safe

An experienced and trained team of traffic control personnel should be employed at work zones and construction signs to safeguard the workers. The workers should not be disturbed due to accidents or interference from outside. It could cause them injury, lead to accidents or delay the project. Therefore, along with the protection of public, the workers should also be allowed safety. A traffic control sign should be kept at every location where traffic regulation is required.

Thus, traffic control and management can be effectively executed with the help of trained professionals, exclusion zones, safe parking spots, regulatory and warning signage. You must choose a reliable and experienced company while hiring traffic control services, products, and even Traffic Control Plans.

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